Hongda High-Tech Women's Congress

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2017-05-31 

On May 31, 2017, on the occasion of Children's Day, the director of the Hongda High-Tech Women's Congress Ma Yuejuan came to the Xucun Town Central Primary School to see the pair of fifth-grade Xu Danjing children, bringing children's bags, umbrellas and extracurricular books to the children. School supplies such as flower skirts and some daily necessities. At the same time, for the Xucun Town Central Primary School, donated 10,000 yuan for education donation, to send the warmth of the enterprise to the students and teaching.

Ma Yuejuan cordially talks with the children, understands the children's learning and living conditions, encourages the children to cherish the good times, and learns and goes up every day under the common care of the teachers and the community, and strives to grow into talents that are useful to the country and society.

In addition, the company's women's congress also donated gifts such as pencil cases and umbrellas to employees of the company's employees, which made the employees feel warmer. The company's women's congress has been insisting for more than 10 years.