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Hongda High-Tech Holding Co.,LTD, was established in 1985 and went public in August, 2007 as the first company which went listed in the warp knitting industry. In 2008, Hongda High-Tech Holding Co.,LTD merged a medical device company in Shenzhen and renamed as Hongda High-Tech Holding Co.,LTD.

At present, Hongda High-Tech`s main business covers warp-knitting, medical device, trade and financial investment. Hongda High-Tech was awarded as the National Key High-Tech enterprise.

Warp knitting industry

Hongda High-Tech Holding Co.,LTD is one of the biggest warp-knitting product producers in China. Its equipment and product scale ranks amongst the leading position in the warp-knitting industry in China. The automotive interior fabrics Hongda High-Tech produces is provided to Shanghai VW , Shanghai General Motors, SAIC, FAM-VW, DPCA, Beijing Hyundai, Great Wall Motor, BYD, JAC, Geely, Chery Automobile, etc. The productions are also exported to America, Germany, Japan and other countries and the rest of the world.

Hongda High-tech has acquired certificates such as ISO9001 and TS16949 as well as the appraisal of “Clean Production”. The technology center is designated as “High-Performance Warp-Knitting Material Provincial R&D Center”. Meanwhile, a series of our products has passed the examination of National Torch Plan Project and lists on State New Key Products.

Medical instrument industry

Shenzhen Well.D Medical Electronics Co. Ltd, which has a registered capital of 83.33 million yuan, is a subsidiary of Hongda High-Tech. WELLD is located in Shenzhen National Biopharmaceutical Industrial Base Pingshan new area with 800 square meters building area. It is a high and new technology company specializing in researching, producing and selling ultrasonic equipments and therapeutic apparatus for medical use. It is also one of the few companies which can research and develop CDU(Color Doppler Ultrasound) independently.

WELLD has a professional team for managing, researching, producing and marketing and an advanced automated production line for testing, producing medical products and commissioning equipments. The annual output of the company is 20000 sets of B-ultrasonic wave machine and it has put the quality management system into effect which meets the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO13485.

WELLD is a manufacturer and retailer of high-tech medical devices which integrated with research, produce, sale and service. The company has obtained more than 30 patents issued by China` s State Intellectual Property Office and has been awarded as “the national top ten assured brand” and “China top ten classic brand” by CATSI. It also has acquired certifications such as CMD, CE, etc.




Chairman's Speech

In 1985, "Hongda" opened the road to entrepreneurship, and in a blink of an eye, 30 years old. Thirty years of wind and rain, thirty years of tempering, thirty years of harvest. “Hongda” started from the five warp knitting machines of the original Xucun Warp Knitting Factory and has now become a diversified holding group.

Thirty and stand, lively! This road depends on the care of all leaders, the support of all walks of life and the efforts of all Hongda people. On this road, HTC grasps the belief of development, seizes the opportunity of reality, and casts its image with integrity. Taking responsibility; this way, HTC people pragmatically advance in the professional field, and forge ahead in the field of innovation, and gradually forge Hongda into a young and dynamic brand. With integrity, innovation, we always have confidence!

Everything is born, and life is endless. HTC is only 30 years old and still very young. It requires more support from leaders and friends. It requires all Hongda people to continue to give wisdom and sweat. We need our courage to keep moving forward and constant innovation. Past achievements have become history, and all still need to struggle today!

I am convinced that through the tireless study of all HTC people, working diligently and working tirelessly, HTC will be able to take it to the next level. Like everyone else, I am full of hope and confidence in the future!

"The phoenix oysters are born in the Chaoyang. The phoenix sings in the high-poster." Hongda people will continue to carry forward their dreams. Everbright's corporate culture of "people-oriented, sincere, truth-seeking, cooperation and win-win" insists that The value orientation of being responsible to the country, responsible to the society, and responsible to the employees is to make unremitting efforts to build a "100-year-old Hongda" and make its due contribution to realize the Chinese dream!

Leadership Care


Development History


Established Xucun Warp Knitting Factory, 2.8 mu of land acquisition, production of mosquito net cloth


Business expansion, products are sold to Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and other places; warp knitting workshop trial quarterly contract; was named "Jiaxing City Work-study Advanced Collective"


Co-organized “Hainan Warp Knitting and Weaving Joint Venture Factory” with Sichuan Southern County Joint Venture; established factory branch


1.87 mu of land acquisition, new construction of the woolen workshop; establishment of the factory trade union, was named Haining civilized unit


New double needle bed warp knitting machine; production management reform; workshop full trial contracting, efficiency continues to improve.


Purchase double needle bed warp knitting machine, slitting machine, open jacquard short plush production line, produce thin suede.


Passed the quality control acceptance test; Listed in "Municipal Advanced Enterprise of Haining" and "Civilized Unit of Jiaxing",Recognized by the Provincial Department of Education


Implementation of the first phase of technical transformation projects; the introduction of German warp knitting machines, increased civil engineering 5380 square meters; implementation of sales contract responsibility system.


Zhejiang Hongda Warp Knitting Industrial Co., Ltd. was established; 25 mu of land was acquired, and 13.5 million yuan was invested to build a comprehensive building, workshop, canteen, and 7 imported warp knitting machines. The company was listed as a key industrial enterprise in Haining.


The implementation of the second phase of the technical transformation project, the car velvet products were recognized by Shanghai Volkswagen Company; the company was rated as “Zhejiang Civilized Unit”, “Jiaxing City Education System Site Management Advanced Single Temperature”, “Haining Top 100 Enterprises”; Company party branch.


ZHQ Auto Cash has passed the “Provincial New Product Production Appraisal” and started to supply Volkswagen in batches; the third phase of technical transformation project was implemented, and computer warping machines and warp knitting machines were introduced; the company was awarded “Zhejiang” by the Provincial Planning Commission and the Education Commission. Provincial school-run key enterprises; implementation of shareholding system transformation.


In the fourth phase of the technical transformation project, the company was listed in the provincial “five batches” key enterprises and established the company science association and scientific research institute.


Zhejiang Hongda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. was established; the fifth phase of technical transformation project was implemented, 14 new warp knitting machines, 6 warping machines and auxiliary equipment, 5,000 square meters of new production houses, and a total investment of 30 million yuan; Cashmere was included in the National Torch Program and was rated as “National Key New Product”.


Through the ISO9002 certification, the company was restructured; the sixth phase of the technical transformation project was implemented; the new production workshop warehouse was 7090 square meters, the employee apartment was 1500 square meters, and the key equipment for the production of automotive interior fabrics was introduced.


The implementation of the seventh phase of the technical transformation project, the new land acquisition of 20 acres, new building, warehouse and other building area of 7046 square meters; Hongda brand warp knitted fabric was named Jiaxing famous brand skin, won the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Commission "Torch Award" ”


Implementation of the eighth phase of the technical transformation project (the third batch of treasury bonds project); the construction of 12,000 square meters of factory buildings, the introduction of dyeing and setting machines and high-grade finishing equipment; was named Jiaxing City "transformation, management, efficiency three good enterprises."


The company changed and established Zhejiang Hongda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd.; the company passed ISO14001 certification and was recognized as a national key high-tech enterprise; Hongda brand warp knitted fabric was recognized as a famous brand product in Zhejiang Province.


Obtained Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification (the world's authoritative textile eco-label); the company was recognized as the first batch of green enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province integrity model enterprise


Implementation of ERP information system project; Hongda brand warp knitted fabric was recognized as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province; seminar on cross-strait warp knitting industry development.


Implementation of the ninth technical transformation project (the eighth batch of national debt projects), newly built 25,000 square meters of workshops, and the introduction of key equipment to form an annual production capacity of 20 million meters of high-grade automotive interior fabrics


Hongda Hi-Tech was awarded the first batch of national civilized units; the second Hongda apartment was built; “Hongda” was recognized as “a well-known trade name in Zhejiang Province”.


Hongda brand fabric was recognized as a national inspection-free product; Hongda Gaoke was awarded the title of “National Textile Harmony Enterprise Construction Advanced Unit”


“Hongda Warp Knitting” was successfully listed and became the first listed company in the domestic warp knitting industry; Hongda brand won the honorary title of China Famous Brand and China Famous Brand Product; it was rated as “Advanced Enterprise of Establishing Harmonious Labor Relations” in Zhejiang Province.


Held the first China Automotive Interior Industry Chain Innovation Forum of HTC Cup; “Hongda Hi-Tech” was recognized as a provincial-level high-paying technology enterprise; the company’s party committee won the title of “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” at the provincial level.


Held the "2009 Hongda Cup" 2nd China Automotive Interior Industry Chain Development Forum; "Zhejiang University of Science and Technology Key Laboratory Hongda Automotive Textile Testing Center", Zhejiang University of Technology Student Internship Base Unveiled; obtained the Mayor of Haining City Quality Award", Haining City "Enterprise Management Innovation Demonstration Enterprise" and other honors.


“Hongda Warp” acquired Shenzhen Weald Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. and officially changed its name to Hongda Hi-Tech Holdings Co., Ltd.


Established Haining's first non-public enterprise caring party member and employee foundation - "Hongda Care Party Member and Workers Foundation"; established "Zhejiang Hongda Education Foundation"; Hongda Hi-Tech was named "National Model Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise"


Hongda Hi-Tech was awarded the “National May 1st Labor Award” and the Jiaxing Mayor Quality Award; the 3rd Hongda Cup 3rd Automotive Textile Innovation and Development Forum was held; the staff restaurant was rebuilt and the groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Hongda High-Tech Building.


The Hongda High-Tech Water Reuse Project was put into use; the company passed the TS16949 system demonstration.


Hongda Hi-Tech invested 15 million yuan to add warp knitting machine, compound machine and material feeder; Hongda Gaoke Comprehensive Building was put into use; won the title of “2014 Jiaxing City's Most Socially Responsible Listed Enterprise”


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