Hongda Hi-Tech participated in the “Hangzhou Yixing Conference”

网站编辑:admin │ 发表时间:2015-11-24 

At 8 o'clock on the morning of November 22, Yuhang District, “Welcome G20•Hangzhou Yixing Conference”, kicked off the playground of Yucai Experimental Primary School in the district. More than 1,500 Yihang fans from Yuhang District and surrounding areas participated in the event. The 20 employees of HTC Hi-Tech Holdings Co., Ltd. formed the “Hongda 8090 Trailwalker” team to participate in the event.

It is understood that the Yixing activity originated in Hong Kong and was originally a fundraising activity to test the endurance of the British troops stationed in Hong Kong. During the event, each contestant must take the team as the unit and take the full time within the specified time; “Welcome G20•Hangzhou Yixing Conference” is the first large-scale mass sports event sponsored by Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to welcome G20. At the main venue of Hangzhou Qianjiang New City and 15 sub-districts of various districts, counties (cities) and development zones, a total of 42,000 people participated in the event; “Hongda Hi-Tech” was also the first time to participate in the Yixing Conference.

The Yuhang District’s Yixing Conference is about 8 kilometers long. The event is not counted. The winner is the winner. After the launching ceremony, all participants started from the Yucai Experimental Primary School playground, climbed from the east gate of Linpingshan Park, and walked along the “fitness trail” of Linpingshan Park to return to the Yucai Experimental Primary School playground. Participants walked and enjoyed the scenery along the way, and they welcomed the G20, “civilized travel, green travel”. On the way, the members of the “Hongda Hi-Tech” team encouraged each other and helped each other. After more than two hours of walking, they all reached the end.

As a national civilized unit, “Hongda Hi-Tech” actively participates in various public welfare activities. The participation in the Yixing Conference reflects the solid and harmonious employee relationship, good mental outlook and healthy and up-to-date corporate culture of “Hongda Hi-Tech”.