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The head of the head office of the Agricultural Bank of China visited the "Hongda Hi-Tech" research and guidance.

网站编辑:sxd │ 发表时间:2018-03-08 

On November 10, 2017, Director of the Credit Management Department of the Agricultural Bank of China, Mr. Yue Changsuo and his party went to the “Hongda Hi-Tech” research and guidance work. Vice President Gu Zhijun, Vice President of Agricultural Bank of China Jiaxing Branch, Vice President Jiang Yimei, Chairman of “Hongda Hi-Tech”, Manager Shen Guofan and others accompanied the investigation.

Director Yue and his party and the company's chairman and general manager Shen Guofan, and deputy director of the company's management committee Ma Yuejuan and other leaders held a symposium in the Hongda High Tech conference room. Shen Guojun, Chairman and General Manager of Hongda, gave a brief report on the company's situation and made recommendations on the financial services of ABC. He also said that he would further expand his ideas, work hard, adhere to industry, persist in innovation, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the company. Director Yue listened carefully to Chairman Shen’s opinions and suggestions on ABC’s financial services, and said that it will further enhance the financial services of the Agricultural Bank, so that the Agricultural Bank can better serve private enterprises. At the symposium, the two sides indicated that they will further expand cooperation and create a bigger win-win situation.

After the meeting, Director Yue visited the company's exhibition hall and weaving workshop.